Kim Kheradmandi a.k.a. Kimbo a.k.a. Dope Pack a.k.a. That Boy Kimbo a.k.a. Kimbo Gruff a.k.a. MAJO a.k.a. MonTagTron a.k.a. Kim Kheradmandi

British/Persian artist born in Paris (1989). Raised in IP4, England and currently based in Berlin.

Kim's work is a physical manifestation of consumption and filter, love, sadness, contemplation and ultimately, an outlet to document a seemingly irrelevant narrative which consists of everyday reality and mundanity, imagination, abstract emotions, personal perspective and external media.

Influenced by his experience of growing up in a typical English town, his family’s mixed background and his general perspective of place and belonging often being altered by the people which flow in and out, those that remain and those which never exist in any real tangible form. 

Kim has developed his style over the years by relentlessly trying out ideas in different ways. He is constantly using things around him as sources of inspiration for his work, whether it is visual, sensory or audio. Some (slightly) more specific sources of inspiration include, UK urban culture and slang, various genres of music, poetry and song writing.

He enjoys roaming around the urban landscape (especially at night), enjoying both the man-made and natural elements of the city, particularly the markings left by the many people who have passed through the space and the influence of artificial light.